Sold $CDTI; Bought $DCAR

Sold $CDTI for a tiny loss. Mostly flat trade for me. Sold since there has been very low volume the past several days and it seemed like the bids were getting taken out. At close of today’s session, stock closed at 50¢ support. If that breaks, there is no telling how low this one goes. 

Moved those funds over to buy 6,000 shares of $DCAR at avg. price of $1.12. Will swing this for a pop unless I get stopped out. Terrible long term chart but has a history of pops on PRs right after a big drop. Playing my odds here. 


Update 8/8

Just like I had thought, $CDTI broke the 50¢ support today and closed more than 9% down on the day. No telling how low it will go before bouncing. $OHGI, which I had sold flat earlier, also took a dump today and printed 20¢ as the day low. Closed -16% on the day. In hindsight, getting out flat on those swings was a good idea. 

$DPWW long idea, MJ stock

Here's an idea for long $DPWW that I am playing in my other trading account. Will not likely take position in $DPWW in my IB account but thought I'd post here. 

$DPWW - speculative MJ play with huge potential by rogerthat191 on

Hello world!

So what's this?

I am a swing / day trader that mostly trades small caps. This blog is a bit of an experiment for me where I’ll start a new brokerage account and try to grow it while maintaining full transparency on the web. 

I will post every single trade I take, with position size, post my gains as well as losses. If you are a beginner or intermediate trader that would like to follow along the journey, it will be all the more fun!

Over the next few days, I will open a new brokerage account, fund it, and perhaps post a screenshot since that will be my account start size. I have not yet decided how much the initial funding will be but I am inclined to keep it above the $25K level so I won't have to worry about the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) rule. I’d like to keep this account separate from my main trading account so that it is cleaner for tracking purposes.

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